WordPress Developer


If you haver reached to this page, you probably have issues about WordPress. I can help you to make a website via WordPress. Also i can install WordPress to your server, optimize your WordPress site for security and pagespeed. I can solve your WordPress CPU problems

If you think you need assistance about WordPress, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Some References;

Eren Diril’s Personal Blog Theme Encoding

After we encoded HTML & CSS forms of Eren Diril’s Personal Blog’s, we have integrated WordPress. In addition; We implemented the integration of structured data and we improved Google Page Speed and Gtmetrix settings.

Web Site of Att. Mehmet Aytekin:

We encoded Mehmet Aytekin’s web site, intigrated and optimised via WordPress.

CPU and Optimization of Work and Workplace Dispute Sites:

We performed SSL installations. after completing the WordPress CPU and optimization for the Work and Workplace Dispute site.

Web Site of Gezelim Görelim Bilelim

Gezelim Görelim Bilelim is a travel blog site, we encoded and optimised the web site and we set up SSL certificates.

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